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Today’s crazy market is perfect for the right buying strategies...but what works best? And what’s best for YOU and YOUR marketplace? Each week, we’ll interview one of the world’s top real estate guru’s, who will share their “special sauce” with you--and give you the tools to “get ‘er done” right away.

You’ll get detailed strategies each week--all included in your low $97 FREE! tuition--and designed to jump-start you to get the money you want--in a timeframe that will have other investors scratching their heads wondering what the heck they’re doing wrong! And all in sync with our current market conditions.

Let’s face it. The recovery isn’t going to happen unless we DO something! And when we, as investors, start making money, everyone wins. Homes get fixed up. People get nice places to live. Neighborhoods get revitalized. And momentum builds.

It all starts with YOU. 

And that’s why we’re all pitching in to give you the best possible real-world, make money NOW training. Together we’re going to turn things around-and--if you use the tools we’ll give you, you’ll create your own financial freedom, too!

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Here’s Your Incredible Faculty--

How to REALLY Make the Government Your Friend...

Sean Carpenter, the Half a Billion Dollar Man

Over the past 12 years, Sean Carpenter has done over $500,000,000 in real estate transactions using government programs to put tenants in his properties, cover down payments, fund entire rehabs, pay out six to seven figure developer fees and millions in tax-credits. Sean’s been teaching real estate investors and developers how they can claim their share of the bail-out billions set aside from the government specifically for us investors.

We’re going to have a “tell all” session with Sean, and he’s gonna spill the beans about:

    1. BulletHow to look beyond simple "grant" programs and cash in on the BIG money for investors

    2. BulletHow you can use government programs to get 40 year, 0% interest, 0 payment loans

    3. BulletThe 3 simple steps to getting funding for YOUR deals courtesy of Uncle Sam

    4. BulletThe single biggest mistake that could put your out of business - and how to avoid it

    5. BulletHow investors like YOU are finding, applying for and getting funds for THEIR deals - especially in today's market - and how you can, too!

Here’s What Some of Sean’s Students are Saying...

The Millionaire Domination Summit

Dr. Albert Lowry--The man who practically created the “creative real estate industry”.  Dr. Lowry has written and published over 20 books. His first, How You Can Become Financially Independent by Investing in Real Estate, was on the New York Times Best Sellers List for three consecutive years. Aside from attaining many professional real estate designations, Al has a doctorate in Business Administration and was recruited to teach the very first Masters Degree Program in Real Estate. Al Lowry was added to the Academy of American Exchangers "Hall of Fame", perhaps the highest single honor accorded any individual engaged in real estate. Over the past 30 years, it is safe to say that no other individual has changed the way people invest in real estate more than Dr. Lowry. That said, he continues to be an active investor to this very day--and has some important strategies to share about succeeding in this market. He’s calling it “Millionaire Domination” and there’s no-one better to hear it from than Al!

Why You Need to Hear Al’s Message Right Now!

Create a Judgement & Lien Money Machine

Mike Warren

Mike is a nationally known author, investor and instructor in the areas of collecting on real estate judgments and liens and making money with loan modifications, Deed in Lieu and short sales. Mike holds a double MBA, and is President of a diversified real estate consulting firm. TV and radio show hosts call him “America's Real Estate Assassin” because of his laser focus and his ability to get deals done.

Mike started in the business over 22 years ago and since then has bought and sold hundreds of properties that required little or none of his own money. He’s developed one of the most comprehensive, systematic approaches to buying and selling pre-foreclosures available today. Mike created the unique idea of “3rd Party Short Sale Negotiation” as a way to beat the competition and close more deals than ever before. You definitely want to get to know what he’s doing--and model his success!

Mike has some great bonus material for you--you DEFINITELY want to be in this session!

Is it Time to “Create Your Own Judgement & Lien Money Machine?” Here’s What a Few of Mike’s Students Say:

The Ultimate Niche--And Why You Need to be in It...

Doug Fath

You may be green with envy when you learn how this 27 year old kid has amassed a Real Estate portfolio of $2.95 Million that generates over $106,000 a year Passive Income right in the middle of this so-called Real Estate meltdown. His properties now run on autopilot and he is currently traveling around Asia and Australia for 3 months while his Properties keep bringing Cash into his bank account even while he's away!

Doug found a solid niche and he’s going to reveal exactly why investing in positive cash-flow STUDENT HOUSING PROPERTIES can be the ticket to success that you’ve been waiting for. Doug says it’s recession-proof--and better yet, almost nobody knows about it... It’s guaranteed to make you money whether the market “comes back” or not! You definitely want to listen to this kid!

Here’s What Some of Doug’s Raving Fans are Saying...

Profits with Paper

Donna Bauer

Donna is a nationally recognized consultant, investor and educator specializing in discounted mortgages and other cash flows. She’s has coached investors in the practical usage of discounted mortgages and cash-flows in creating financial freedom. Donna’s fortune was made without tenants and hassles (sound good so far, doesn’t it!)

You’re going to learn the premier strategies for cashing in on today’s absolutely unprecedented market!  Donna’s note buying secrets will empower you to:

  1. BulletEasily buy or sell a properties without bank financing 

  2. BulletShort sale over-financed properties

  3. BulletUse the defaulted note to acquire the property at steep discounts

  4. BulletMake tens of thousands of dollars on the flood of other people’s Seller Finance deals!

Today’s Economy is the Perfect Time to Implement Donna’s Systems--Here’s what they’re saying...


Capture “Lost” or Forgotten Fortunes...

Al Schweitzer

Known as America's most influential judgment recovery expert, Al is the creator of the judgment recovery industry.  He’s a graduate of the Department of Treasury-IRS Financial Investigative School.  Al was an expert consultant to the Federal Trade Commission on identity theft as well as an expert consultant for US Customs Internal Affairs. He has been referred to as “the world’s most dangerous man” and “a one man mission impossible.” Schweitzer is discussed in the "History of the FBI" documentary and boasts over 40 television appearances, including Nightline, 20/20, CBS Morning and 48 Hours.  Oprah, Maria Shriver and Ted Koppel have interviewed Al, and now it’s our turn! You’re going to learn how to take “worthless” judgements and turn them into massive cash. Al calls it “Court Cash,” and you’re going to love how you can turn it into a massive income opportunity!


How To Get At Least $50,000 Dollars In The Next 6 Months Using Business Credit

Dustin Mathews

It takes a creative mind to start-out in the business world as Dustin did, by “volunteering” to work for FREE with several start-up businesses. His “free” education has allowed him to get behind the scenes of some of the world’s fastest growing companies granting him an insider’s look at the success secrets business owners can use to position themselves for explosive business growth. Dustin is the best selling author of “How to Get Rich Working For Free.”

Dustin has assisted real estate investors all over the country to purchase pre-foreclosures, bankruptcies and probate investment properties, however his real passion is helping entrepreneurs and investors across the nation get ridiculous amounts of cash to grow their real estate investment businesses. Dustin teaches a secretive formula for getting business credit and will teach you the same strategies that Fortune 500 companies use to get money, FAST and how to use this money to explode the growth of your real estate investment business.

Just recently he lined up $93,000 in 3 months for a company that was just one year old and in this class, Dustin will share how you can easily do it too!

His Clients Love Him...Here’s Why!





Lead Generation Mastery. How to Create A Never-ending Flow of Opportunity!

Nick Cifonie

A long-time real estate investor, trainer, and mentor, Nick has bought and sold millions in single family homes and multi-family projects, using techniques including bird-dogging, wholesaling, lease-options, subject-to transactions, buy and holds, seller financing, retail flips, assignments, options, auctions...and has even flipped property on eBay!

Nick is a master at taking a lead and turning it into a DEAL!  If you're getting leads but not enough deals, you won't want to miss this class!  Nick will show you how to use the telephone to court your your sellers when you make that first contact and have them begging you to buy their home. He's also going to teach you the "do's and don't" of how to walk INTO the home as a stranger, and walk OUT a trusted friend... with a signed contract!

Here’s what his students say behind his back...

Take the Foreclosure Safari

Don Burnham

Don’s systems for creating wealth are legendary. Now he’s taking it on the road with his “Foreclosure Safari’s”. And you’re going to get to go along for the ride--literally!

He’s put together an amazing turnkey opportunity for all of us, and you’re going to get to learn all about it--and how you can capitalize on the “disastrous” markets around us.

For nearly 40 years, Don has become more than a speaker and much more than a trainer. He has also become a “you can do it” mentor and coach on working and living a successful life for countless thousands of people across the country. Don has written two books, “The Ten Character C’s of Success” and “Making the Big Bucks”. He is currently writing his third book, entitled “Success Is a Journey”.

Don’s Students Adore Him. You Will, Too! (Wait till you see what he’s got in store for you on the next page! You’ll be well on your way to a GREAT deal!)

Build Your Wealth Fortress

Darius Barazandeh

We scored you an incredible attorney--who’s going to give you the real dirt on how to not just make more money, but how to keep it, too (this is ESSENTIAL, by the way).

In addition to his vast legal knowledge he has an MBA in Business Finance and brings experience from numerous fields including real estate investment, corporate finance, and business consulting.

As an attorney and investor, he has investment experience with tax foreclosure sales, 'sandwich' lease-option transactions, note creation through mobile home 'flipping' and residential single family construction projects.  Frustrated by the lack of realistic information regarding tax foreclosure sales and other investments, he’ll unlock the secrets for you.

This will be one of the most important classes you ever attend. Darius’ strategies for asset and wealth protection are MANDATORY for all investors. (No kidding--this is fundamental to everything you do.)

Why Wait? Try Getting “Cash Now” and Put Your Wealth on AutoPilot

Alex Nghiem 

My buddy Alex’s Wealth Autopilot program is a proven system that empowers real estate investors so they can make $20,000 in 90 days or less... without dealing with tenants, repairs and holding costs. You’re going to love what Alex has created!

Alex is a Superstar-Here’s Why!

Apartment Riches

Dave Lindahl

We’ve found the most qualified person in America to talk to us about how to make apartment-sized profits, without dealing with tenants at all. His name is Dave Lindahl. He currently has over 7,020 tenants—that means he cashes 6,020 checks a month—yet deals with zero tenants! Dave’s going to tell us how to buy apartments with no money down; how to manage them without ever dealing with tenants, and how to make it work in YOUR real estate market

Dave’s also an expert at market cycles.  He’ll talk to us about his secrets for finding the next hot markets, and how to quickly and easily “read” where a market is in the up/down cycle. This is going to rock your world so be sure to mark your calendar when you get the schedule!

Here’s why You need to listen to Dave!

The Power of Intention

Kent Clothier

Kent started his real estate career by looking to wholesale a few houses each month to create a “nice” living.  However, this soon evolved into a much larger real estate organization.  The company quickly evolved from one man in one office into a team that has become one of the premiere real estate investment organizations in the country, 1-800-SELL-NOW.

I am particularly proud of Kent, as he was one of my students back in 2005--having attended my 3-day Foreclosure Training.

By daring to dream big, taking calculated risks, and a willingness to step out, Kent and his partners have built an organization that stands out in real estate today:

  1. Bullet Wholesaling over 500 houses since 2003, 200 in 2008, and current plans for over 350 in 2009

  2. Bullet Through this company, now operates one of the largest property management companies in Tennessee with over 700 properties under management

  3. Bullet President and CEO , 1-800-SELL-NOW

  4. Bullet Owns over 150 rental properties

  5. Bullet Owns 7 commercial buildings in Memphis, Tennessee

  6. Bullet Owns and overseeing 24 unit condo conversion in Memphis, Tennessee

  7. Bullet Founding member of Mid-South REIA with over 350 members

You’ll want to capture every gold-nugget of information Ken has to share with you!

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